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Nearing the gallery's fifth anniversary since opening in the troubled month of our March 2020 opening, our lease is term is wrapping up and we will be closing this location in the summer in order to reopen downtown in the fall under a new name and with a newly clarified vision, program and presentation format.

After organizing 28 shows since opening, I have left my remaining exhibition schedule very minimal. I was recently inspired by flattering words from one of my artists when he was visiting from Sweden: ‘When this place is gone, it will be legendary. People who saw it in person will remember it as something special.’ (Thanks Simon!)

To spread the love around, I've decided to do an open call for a quick exhibition this late March through to May. If I’ve ever talked with you about your work, I'm interested and this is a good opportunity to grow the dialogue. The exhibition could end up being 5 people or 50 people.

All submissions are welcome, but the complexities of shipping preclude international I'm afraid. On that note, two-way shipping will be the cost of the artist – so sorry, but I'm not Gagosian! Unsold work will be returned at the end of the 1-2 month exhibition.

I will personally respond to every submission.


You may submit a maximum of 5 works.

To have a chance of being selected the work must be executed in a functional form (vessel, furniture, lighting, quilts, tapestry, etc). If you want to better understand what I am looking for, read my recent Stockholm Manifesto.

Please only submit work already made or substantially completed.

Practically speaking, I will favor smaller scale works and discourage the submission of particularly large things. Yes, there may be exceptions.

North American origin only due to timeframe and logistics.

Deadline for submissions is February 20.


Maximum two photos per piece (a single image is preferred). No videos.

Format images as jpg 72dpi & max dimension 30in., attached to the email (please do not embed) or provide a link to high res in cloud.

Please title each jpg as "FirstnameLastname_Number1to5" then list in the body of your email:  item number 1-5, title, dimensions, year, primary materials. If submitting vessels, please indicate if they are watertight.

Please do not DM or text submissions.


Title your email as "Open Call Submission" to

Please include no more than 600 characters of explicatory text. I only want to be teased. I do appreciate having unusual techniques or process pointed out. Don’t stress about it and don’t feel obligated to include text, it is supplemental.

Please also include your city & state, and if outside of the USA, country.