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Damon Crain

Damon Crain began his career as founder of the Dynamo Arts Association in Vancouver. As a consultant in New York, his clients included the Marian Goodman Gallery, Matthew Marks Gallery, trustees of the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim and the New Museum, among others.

Damon’s formal engagement with the field of design began with his interest mid-20th century glass. Recognized as a leading expert after years of study and careful research, he has published a book and numerous articles, served as board member of Art Glass Forum | NY, and was elected a Fellow of the Corning Museum of Glass.

Since 2012 Damon has applied his skills and knowledge in historical art & design to focus on contemporary applied arts and design.


Recommended Reading
After the End of Art, by Arthur Danto, 1997
The Evolution of Beauty, Richard O. Prum , 2017
Biocentrism, Robert Lanza, 2010

Research, Ideas (PDFs)
Ideology & Structuralism
The Big Nothing
Nothing is Truly Alive
The Case for Optimism
The Art of Not Trying
Free Will
What is Sleep?
Inherited Memories
Where is Now?
The Universe is Spooky
The Extreme Luck of Existence
Reality is What our Minds Make It
Consciousness and Physics
Finding Ourselves
Consciousness is Matter
All Machine and No Ghost?
A New Theory of the Universe



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Culture Object’s program concentrates on objects with compelling narratives that integrate conceptual and functional approaches. We champion skilled production, technical innovation, and engagement with a historical dialogue through the lens of contemporary relevance.




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