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Lacarazzo is a technique of the artist’s creation, driven by his interest in unconventional materials and process. Originating in thickly layered paintings, the technique evolved into vessel-forms in response to the question ‘what if I do away with the support?’

The natural progression from surface to structure evolved from a fine layering technique, not unlike Japanese lacquer-work. The differently colored, irregularly applied layers, once polished, look like other-worldly sedimentary rocks or a fantastical terrazzo. Flecks of scraps, including plastic and metal shavings, are also revealed in the process. After laborious sanding and polishing, the surfaces are waxed or lacquered to create a seal and a gloss that highlights the natural patterns.

Each object is unique in form, physical construction and material composition. The resulting sculptures are vessels by happy coincidence; the opening exists to reveal the interior and expose the structure.