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Graal glass and gold leaf, Sweden, unique. Inv.#1052
Measures 14.25in.H x 6.75in.D

Advancing the great tradition of technically demanding Scandinavian art glass while introducing a free and lyrical expressiveness not typical to the region, these vessels demonstrate a mastery of the Graal technique while developing it in a fresh aesthetic direction.

Graal is a technique in which the design is carved, engraved, or etched on a parison of colored glass, which is then reheated and cased in a thick layer of transparent glass and inflated.

It is the engagement of history, and the challenge of pushing a technique forward - of breathing new life into it with a new approach - that appeals to the artist. The unique challenges of a magical combination of a complex, multi-stepped processes, comsumes the artist's attention completely. Meticulously planning and execution, as well as precise and controlled execution reward the artist with an uncommon clarity of expression