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Wood Nerikomi Furniture
By Trey Jones, USA


Made entirely from reclaimed wood, the Nerikomi series is the result of the artist’s interest in finding purpose for the large quantity of high-quality waste wood produced by cabinetmakers. Typically unusable, Trey has given the wood new life by painstaking assembling the small offcut sections into elaborate patterns created by exposing the cut ends that cabinetmakers commonly go to great lengths to conceal.

While technically comparable to Wendell Castle’s innovative stack-laminated process, the visual effect is strikingly similar to Nerikomi, the Japanese ceramics technique. Nerikomi involves stacking colored clay, and then slicing through the cross-section to reveal a pattern, which can then be recombined to create increasingly elaborate decorative patterns of solid colored clay body. In Trey’s Nerikomi series, he carves the thick, assembled sheets into sculptural forms that reveal the intrinsic nature of the pattern within. The wood is then colored to harmonize the pattern and create unity of form.

In the pair of sideboards below, Trey has leveraged a yin-yang effect through the horizontal reflection of the scalloped form, drawing attention to his different approach to the pattern on each piece. The whitewashed cabinet offers a conventional rectangular top that acts as a canvass for a Suprematist-worthy composition of dynamic, intersecting patterns. In contrast, the simple herringbone patterned body of the arched top terracotta cabinet, reminiscent of a Roman viaduct, sports interactive, moveable sculptural elements in complimentary colors. Additional custom moveable elements may be commissioned for this piece to suit its intended use.

Each work in the Nerikomi series is unique. Commissions welcomed, visit the custom work page



Composition Cabinet
Rescued plywood, plant based wax poly finish.
76cm.H x 179.5cm.W x 44.2cm.D

The Plinths Cabinet, Version 2
Sculptural pedestals above arches are moveable and customizeable.
77cm.H x 178cm.W x 44.7cm.D

The River
Recycled post industrial waste plywood, steel and brass hardware, low iron glass, water based dye stain, plant derived wax poly UV sealer.
99cm.H x 234W x 44.7D / 39in.H x 92W x 17.5D

The Forest
Recycled post industrial waste plywood, ash wood, brass hardware, water based dye stain,
alcohol based dye stain, plant derived oil based UV sealer, glass, acrylic.
193.5cm.H x 95.5W x 62D / 76.25in.H x 37.5W x 24.5D

Geode Table, 2022
Recycled post industrial waste plywood, ash wood, alcohol based dye, uv protectant sealer.
54.5cm.H x 87.3W x 42.8D / 21.5in.H x 34.5W x 16.75D

Trellis Planter, 2021
Ash wood and tempered stainless steel, water based dye stain, alcohol based dye stain, wax poly UV sealer.
121cm.H x 34.5D / 47.75in.H x 13.5D