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Freeblown and Engraved Glass
Leckie Gassman, USA


Leckie Gassman’s blown glass vessels exude a deceptively playful naivete while quoting from historical shapes and leveraging advanced blowing and finishing skills. Strong colors, blended in multi-layer ombres provide a canvas for the artist’s graceful graffiti-style imagery that he hand-etches in riotous scrawls and arabesques. It is the tension between precious and refined material of hand-blown glass and the seemingly spontaneous, roughly etched imagery that makes his work gut-wrenchingly compelling.

Leckie’s works rewinds graffiti to the origins of the Italian word graffiato ("scratched"); freely engraving his cartoonish characters and text that would be equally at home on the walls of a highway underpass. His work bites into the zeitgeist of the high/low populism that defines our moment.




Cold Cuts series, 2024

New Beginning Vase, 2023

large jars series, 2022

Seven, 2022

Jelly Jars, 2022

Picasso Series, 2018-2022

Black Blossom Vessels, 2019

Eiichi Forms Series, 2019