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Thrown and Ornamented Ceramic Vessels
by Jo Taylor, UK


Florid accumulations and swooping arabesques encrust Jo Taylor’s work. Her bold forms exist for the sake of the ornamentation which dutifully clamber over and around each vessel. A natural postmodernist, her forms effortlessly sample cross-cultural ceramic history but from the unique vantage point of her home country, Great Britain. A recurring point of reference is architectural ornamentation, particularly as documented in the famous etchings of the Piranesi.
While color plays a substantive formal role in Jo’s work, it is never as a superficial glaze, rather, colored stained clay bodies dominate while secondary impasto brushstrokes of complimentary colored slip dance on the surface like they would on an Impressionist canvas. This subtler, secondary layer only comes into view on closer inspection, adding a delicate layer to the punch of the artists exuberant surfaces and lively forms.