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MetaMaterial: Custom Furniture and Panelling
by Elyse Graham


Hand casting sheets of colored epoxy resin into complex patterns, Elyse has created a material that is suitable as a marble substitute - both architecturally and for furniture applications. The methodology is an innovative combination of the glass murrine technique and the terrazzo process. Sheets up to 4 foot by 8 foot can be cast in a range of thicknesses from 3/8" for surfacing to 2” for furniture construction.

Starting with three base patterns that were selected to represent a distinct range of the strengths of Elyse’s style, available in three primary colorways, customization of imagery, color and scale is encouraged.


Frequency pattern in the Lark colorway (with no black)

Frequency pattern in the Spoonbill colorway

Retrograde pattern in the Python Colorway

Retrograde + Frequency pattern in the Lark colorway

Satellite pattern in the Lark colorway (plus brown)

Satellite pattern in a custom colorway

Custom pattern (Unicorn) in a custom colorway

Cast Work


This more elaborate and time-consuming process allows Elyse to create solid, sculptural forms that are inherently unique The patterns within the vessels embody the fluid nature of Elyse’s experimental casting process, created with dozens of hand-pigmented resin layers, each one requiring its own pour and curing time. After casting, they are cut, carved, and polished to a beautiful satin finish.