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Blenko butterfly decanter by Joel Philip Myers

Decanter #6527 in Tangerine, designed by Joel Philip Myers in 1965, made for 1 year only.

Made for only one year, 1965, Joel Philip Myers' Butterfly motif decanter with narrow profile is an important design for many reasons. So important, in fact that the design was published in Miller's Guide's article on the Work of the Blenko Glass Company as an outstanding example of their work. Here is an excerpt of the text from Miller's Guide:

This decanter offers an excellent indication of several of Myers major tendencies. A theme of deeply textured surfaces played out in his work at Blenko and in his later studio work.

Myers was never interested in subverting the form of the container; rather he exploited it to full advantage as a canvas for compositions either abstract or inspired by nature.

The clear, simple and playful imagery also betrays Myer's training as a graphic designer who was keenly aware of the emerging Pop aesthetic of the time. At the same time it evokes the elaborate carved and cameo glass designs of Emile Galle, often ornamented with flying insects and plant life.

Measures 23 inches tall x 7.75 inches wide 4.25 inches deep.

Represented in the collection of the Chrysler Museum of Art in Honey.