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#7221 in Turquoise, designed by John Nickerson for the Blenko Glass Company in 1972, made for 1 year only.

Measures 18.25 inches tall x 3.75 inches diameter.

Arguably the most elegant single form designer John Nickerson added to Blenko’s line, the taffy-like stretched vase with narrow and extenuated cinched waist is a minimal yet poetic paean to the drama of glass. Nickerons’ work for Blenko is characterized by dramatically restrained and refined styling – virtually no extraneous indulgence can be found. At a time when prevailing aesthetics were increasingly simple – the dull utilitarianism of late modernism prevailed – the Blenko Glass Company was also at the beginning of its long decline. In this challenging environment Nickerson thrived, introducing designs of remarkable simplicity and clarity, relying on precise proportion and detailing. This vase is among the most powerful forms he produced for Blenko in his short tenure.