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Decanter #6121 in Persian, designed by Wayne Husted in 1961, made for 1 year only. Signed

Large circular decanter with bubbles projecting from both sides.

1961 was a pivotal and prolific year for Husted – the commercial failure of his 1960’s Specialty Lines necessitated many new design introductions. As a result, 1961 was full of unusual forms in a much broader than usual design lexicon - even for the talented and versatile Husted.

This ‘moon’ decanter is a perfect example of a noteworthy aesthetic development in this experimentation; the use of deeply molded and textured surfaces that began in 1960 and refined in 1961 and 1962. I’d venture to say that this decanter is the most unusual and extreme of this approach introduced in 1961. It is also the rarest, with only five examples known to exist. Whether you see the form as a full moon or a wheel of cheese, the quirkiness is signature Husted and highly unlikely to come your way again.

Measures 14.75 inches tall x 8.25 inches diameter.