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Decanter #605 by Wayne Husted for the Blenko Glass Co.

Decanter #605 in Tangerine, designed by Wayne Husted in 1960, made for 2 years only. Signed

'Gemstone' decanter with geometric body on crystal disk foot with cube stopper.

This is a singular design within Husted's oeuvre; there is truly none other quite like it, though the closest would be the exceptional 5928 decanter (shown below). The magic of the form is that it is a fully enclosed geometric shape perched on a clear pedestal, suspended like a precious object.

The pedestal acts as a device, allowing us to draw a direct connection with fine art sculptures, or at the very least, precious objects like a massive gemstone in a display case at a museum or jewelers. This simple reference drives home the intentions of the designer; Husted was indeed creating sculptures, art, precious objects, and in doing so he became a defacto vanguard member of the Studio Glass Movement.

Measures 13.25 inches tall x 4.75 inches diameter.