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Hand Built Ceramic Vse by Titia Estes


The systems and structures found in nature, from the microscopic cellular level to the complex whole entity, inspire the forms and construction of these vases.  

Belonging to nature, and built in accordance with nature, the vessels do not merely mimic, they participate in nature; respecting the same geometry and patterning, but constructed and organized with the principles of geology and architecture.

The synthesis of organic and inert models, creates a super-nature; a synthetic but not artificial object with all the detail and complexity of construction, as well as the grace and symmetry of the whole, that nature has taught our eye to favor.

Hand built ceramic vase by Titia Estes, 2016, serial. Inv.#1103
22.5in.H x in.W x 9.5in.D, Price: $2,750
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