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Nerikomi Ceramics by Sakai Mika

The artist's studies at Tokyo’s famous fashion school, Mode Gakuen, are evident in the bold colors and patterns of her nerikomi ceramics. Nerikomi is a traditional Japanese pottery technique in which the clay is tinted, layered, sliced and arranged to form a precisely patterned slab that is then pressed onto a mold. The work’s color is internal, in the pigmented clay, as opposed to being applied to the surface.

A two-year apprenticeship with expert Murofushi Eiji impressed upon the artist the importance of precision in creating a crisp design - something that becomes increasingly difficult to maintain as the scale of a piece increases. She then modernized the ancient nerikomi technique by first creating her color combinations and patterns digitally, then replicating the most successful ones in clay. The forms are modern and functional - with washing and stacking in mind - in order to encourage use