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Bio-Plastic Vases by Handmade Industrials

Working as Handmade Industrials, Netherlands based design duo Rutger de Regt and Marlies van Putten have developed and patented a process for producing unique, hand-sculpted vessels from bioplastic material. Sharing an interest in experimentation, process-based principles and social themes, Marlies and Rutger have worked together since their studies at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Their practice is focused on adapting industrial processes and materials to individual, unique-production applications, and in doing so, revealing the value of the materials and processes they employ.

The Impose series of vessels is named for its defining technique; heating and manipulating molten polymer by restricting its flow while it is contained within a flexible membrane. The ‘imposition’ of ropes and various improvised restraints is both instantaneous and intuitive, producing organic and biomorphic forms. The resulting vessels evoke the flowing sculptures of Henry Moore and embody his ‘truth to materials’ conviction that a form should be inseparably related to the material in which it is made. By similarly respecting the integrity of the relationship between material, process and product, Marlies and Rutger create objects that are both manufactured and organic.

Colored with unblended natural mineral pigments, gradients and patterns occur spontaneously within the melting raw granular plastic, however, in conjunction with the ability to localize and control color application, an endless variety of effects is possible. Once cooled, the satin-smooth but mottled-looking outer surface reveals the raw plastic pellets from which the forms are derived and are still visible in the vessel’s interior.

The Impose vessels are fully functional and suitable to hold water and flowers. Over time, the skin-like surface develops a natural, chalky appearance but may be polished with petroleum jelly and a soft cotton cloth to restore sheen, if desired. Regular cleaning may be done with a soft cloth and room temperature water. We recommend keeping them in temperatures below 40˚C/104˚F and avoiding direct heat sources, including fireplace mantels and intense sun.

Material Info: The Impose series is made of a non-petrochemical, naturally sourced re-granulated plastic material of Caprolacton Lacton, a cyclic ester derived from caproic acid. This fatty acid is a colorless liquid that is miscible with most organic solvents and water. It is found naturally in various animal fats and oils, it is a component of vanilla and is one of the chemicals that give the decomposing ginkgo fruit its characteristic odor.

Purchasing inquiries:

32.25in.H x 7.75in.W x 7.25in.D, Inv.#1115
Price: $3,500
29.25"h x 9"w x 7.75"d, Inv.#1063
Price: $3,650
24"h x 12"d, Inv.#1117
Price: $3,650
23in.H x 7.75in.W x 6in.D, Inv.#1118
Price: $2,750
20.75in.H x 16.75in.W x 6.5in.D, Inv.#1200
Price: $2,200
18.5in.H x in.W x 7.75in.D, Inv.#1113
Price: $2,650
18"h x 14.75"w x 6"d, Inv.#1061
Price: $2,950
16.5in.H x 16.25in.W x 8.5in.D, Inv.#1107
Price: $3,200
11.75"h x 9.5"w x 4.25"d, Inv.#1094
Price: $1,750
11.5in.H x 9.25in.W x 6.75in.D, Inv.#1202
Price: $950
11in.H x 7in.W x 4.5in.D, Inv.#1203
Price: $950
8"h x 6"w x 4"d, Inv.#1093
Price: $850