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Pate de verre (fused glass powders and minerals) bowl, unique. Inv.#1066
Measures 5.75in.H x 5.75in.D

After designing for mass production and feeling disconnected from her own work, the designer chose to focus on mastering materials and methods in order to apply them in new and unconventional and ways.

Experimenting with processes and materials the designer seeks to produce objects that then demonstrate the nature of the material and the making. By emphasizing the native qualities of the materials, the objects become a product of their materiality. In this way, the objects are inherently contextual, functional, and aesthetic.

The desert landscape of her Israeli childhood and memories of filling bottles with layers of colored sand to mimic striated earth, inspired the designer's pate-de-verre vessels. In exploring the origins of glass, she refers back to its base element - sand. Loosely fusing layers of glass powders to create landscapes, evoking sand dunes and snowy mountain tops, she creates an artificial nature.