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Suspended Antipodes Lights
by Thing Thing


This Detroit based design team has developed a customizeable handmade “pillow light” form by adapting the traditionally industrial roto-molding process into a unique hand-made process and using recycled plastics.

For this exclusive limited series of 15 lights, Thing Thing has, for the first time, contrasted recycled (black) plastic with virgin (white) plastic in order to draw attention to the material. The lights are offered individually or in groups.

In contemporary usage, “antipodes” are two points on exactly opposite sides of the planet. In ancient Greek it described states of literal and philosophical duality. In this body of work the word describes bipolar objects that explore the polemical dualities of plastic.

Mined from deep in the earth, crude oil is hundreds of thousands of years old but requires the most recent industrial technology to convert it into a usable material. It is both incredibly old and incredibly new and lasting indefinitely - plastic is a true compression of the past and the future.

The white plastic is made from a "new" powdered resin while the black is a blend of waste plastics from Detroit's auto industry. These two materials are suspended in conversation using a hybrid making technique combining the industrial process of rotational molding with a hand-crafted process of applying individual flakes and pellets onto the surface by focusing heat onto a single point.