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Forged, Formed and Fabricated Steel
By Rachel David, USA


Rachel's "Flesh, Pressure and Soil" Series is the embodiment of the indominable female spirit, bursting through cultural constrictions to assert its viatlity and power, represented by the bubbling surfaces pushing through the frames and structures that encase them. The undulating surfaces appear simulataniously soft and forceful, beatufully showcasing Rachel's talent as a leading American blacksmith.



Flesh, Pressure and Soil Series, Round Mirror II
Forged formed and fabricated steel.
62cm.H x 59W x 15D / 24.5in.H x 23.25W x 6D

Flesh, Pressure and Soil Series
Forged formed and fabricated steel.
Medium Cabinet 60cm.H x 40W x 34D
Small Cabinet 48cm.H x 42W x 37D
Janus Lamp 183cm.H x 91.5W x 51D