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Robots, Guns & Plastic
by Cody Norman


Cody Norman is a recent graduate of the renowned Cranbrook Academy of Art’s 3D Design program. The series of three "Consumed" vessels marks the designers first post-graduate body of work, made for the exhibition "Adaptation" at Culture Object gallery. These new works are mature expressions of three concepts that are central to the designer’s line of inquiry; chaos, biomimicry and fantasy.

Working in his preferred medium of recycled plastics (both post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams) Cody uses two primary tools to construct each piece; a German Kuka robot that he programs himself and a hand-held extruder gun of his own design and manufacture. With these very different but complimentary tools the designer can execute contrasting effect in tandem; freeform and highly controlled.

The clear (PET post-industrial waste) conical body of the vases are precisely printed by the robotic arm. These components, however, cannot stand until Cody has used his handheld extrusion gun to create the frothy, colored (Polypropylene, scavenged post-consumer waste) structure that holds the robot’s work upright. Cody imagines the clear printed machine-made components as being consumed by the organic, freeform handmade elements. The relationship of human and machine is poetically explored in this series of innovative and uniquely beautiful vases.



Consumed (1,2 & 3)
Cody Norman, USA
Post-industrial PET plastic, Post-consumer PP (Polypropylene) plastic.

Consumed #3 (Blue)
27cm.H x 22.5W x 19.5D / 10.5in.H x 9inW x 7.75D

Consumed #2 (Green-Teal)
32.5cm.H x 27.5W x 24D / 12.75in.H x 10.75W x 9.5D

Consumed #1 (Red-Green)
Measures: 41.5cm.H x 24Dis / 16.25in.H x 9.5Dia