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Handpainted Vinyl Toy Boxes
Bertrand Charlot, France


Betrand’s work straddles the gap between the paraphernalia of pop culture and the traditional object d'art. This limited series of hand painted polychrome toy boxes represents a curious bridge between the technical and visual vocabulary of the contemporary toy, and the rarefied sculptural 'objet de vertu' produced by 15th century goldsmiths as status symbols and vehicles for display of virtuosity.

Bertrand's work rejoices in images of heroic figures, urban mythology and fantasy creatures by way of cartoon vernacular. The cacophony of elaborate bas-relief imagery references the Art Deco vessels of René Lalique as well as Peter Carl Fabergé's fabulous eggs. Like the eggs, each of Bertrand's boxes opens up, but in this case revealing a void, ready to hide your favorite precious things.



Each of hand-painted vinyl, a unique special edition.
Left: City Monster Toy Box, Polychrome
40cm.H x 20D / 15.75in.H x 8D

Center: Relations Toy Box
48cm.H x 18D / 19in.H x 7D

Right: Feed Box, Stereolitho resin and paint.
28cm.H x 13.6D / 11in.H x 5.25D

City Monster Toy Box, Purple
40cm.H x 20D / 15.75in.H x 8D

Hero Box
Stereolitho resin, paint, tin.
25.4cm.H x 13.5D / 10in.H x 5.25D