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Jacquard Woven Silk and Metal Thread
Beatwoven, by Nadia-Anne Ricketts


While studying at Central Saint Martins, the artists noticed the mathematical similarities between the spectrum of sound and the grid-like framework of the woven patterns in fabric. This observation inspired the artist to transform the experience of sound into a beautiful and tangible medium.

Nadia-Ane has collaborated with coders and music producers to invent digital tools to help manifest a woven audio by translating sound wave patterns into programming instructions that could be woven on an original 18th century Jacquard loom in a facility outside of London.

By fusing sound, pattern, color, and texture, the artists disrupts conventional boundaries and open our minds

"Sound is at the core of every human culture, resonating with mind, body and soul. It is part of the very fabric that weaves cultures together through shared human experience. I see music as a pattern, and a universal language, with the power to connect and inspire." - Nadia-Anne Ricketts

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla.



Imagine (John Lennon), 2020
Silk with copper thread
132cm.H x 100cm.W / 52in.H x 34.5inW