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Meticulously Engineered Glass & Metal Lighting
by Andreea Avram Rusu, USA/Romania


Andreea's background in architecture exerts a clear influence - her work is meticulously engineered, like a fine sportscar, very much in the manner of mid century italian houses like Fontana Arte and Stilnovo. Custom designed fittings and precision cut metal elements underpin every design. Combined with her signature flowing and dynamic compositions of custom blown colored glass elements, the effect is always an exuberant elegance.

In the 'Cascade' series of platfonniers and sconces, each work is cloud hand-blown glass and metal disks, in a profusion of rich and jewel-like colors, magically hovering inches from the surface of the wall.

The 'Continuum' series is inspired by graffiti art which Andreea interprets in angular arabesques executed in a powder coated metal frame interrupted by blown glass elements in two-color fades.

Custom sizes and colors available. Wall or ceiling mount



Dimensions:  60” wide x 32” high x 7” deep. 

May be ceiling or wall mounted.
Price as shown: $45,000


Cascade Mini
Dimensions 24” wide x 14” high x 5” deep
horizontal or vertical mounting
Price as shown: $7,500


Continuum three-light chandelier in organge, perwinkle and grey.
Price as shown $20,000