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Simple Pleasures: Esmaltes Garcia

Dec 5 - Jan 15, 2024


Inv.#2383, 2.75in.H x 9.75W x 3.5D, Price: $595

In the southern section of Spain’s Balearic Island of Mallorca, you will find a town by the name of Felanitx. From this provincial town, in the mid-to-late 20th Century, a small business named J. Capo, Esmaltes Garcia sold hand carved wooden caskets and accessories embellished with brightly colored enamel cabochons and lids, very much in the vein of local folk art. Evidently this work found great purchase with tourists as it now pops up with regularity in Northern Europe and the United States, where a plurality of Mallorca’s tourists came from.

These unpretentious and cheery boxes exude a playful and rustic charm. While there are certainly some standard forms, after many years of collecting them, it seems apparent that the maker (or indeed makers) followed no plans or rules, as variety is the only standard. Odd color combinations, patterns and shapes make regular appearances. While these items were never precious for their intrinsic value, it is clear from their diaspora that many visitors took warmly to their simple pleasure, bringing them home as memories of a cheerful holiday on a warm Mediterranean island. It is in this spirit that we offer this small collection of three dozen unique hand cared wood and enamel boxes for the winter holiday season.

Note that all items are offered in original vintage condition, some time-worn and imparting a wabi-sabi warmth. These casual pieces are well suited to use on a bookshelf or in a nightstand to hold treasures, collections and what-nots like buttons, pins, keepsakes, and mementos.

L, Inv.#2355, 5.5in.H x 9.75W x 4.25D, Price: $550
C, Inv.#2356, 2.75in.H x 6.25W x 3.25D, Price: $375
R, Inv.#2354, 3.75in.H x 9W x 6D, Price: $450

L, Inv.#2308, 4.25in.H x 5W x 5D, Price: $395
C, Inv.#1220, 4.5in.H x 6.25W x 3.75D, Price: $495
R, Inv.#2359, 2.25in.H x 6.5W x 4.25D, Price: $250

L, Inv.#2363, 3.43in.H x 9.06W x 5.31D, Note: Music Box, Price: $350
R, Inv.#2362, 3.25in.H x 5Dia, Price: $295

SOLD Inv.#2368, 2.25in.H x 5.25W x 4.25D

L, Inv.#2364, 2.25in.H x 4.25W x 3.5D, Price: $195

L, Inv.#2357, 4in.H x 6W x 5.25D, Price: $450
C, Inv.#2375, 4in.H x 5.25D, Price: $395
R, Inv.#2358, 4in.H x 8D, Price: $350

L, Inv.#2367, 3.75in.H x 6W x 4D, Price: $275
R, Inv.#2374, 3.25in.H x 8.75W x 3.75D, Price: $595

L, Inv.#2373, 3in.H x 6.5W x 4.5D, Price: $250
C, Inv.#2371, 1.5in.H x 3.25W x 2D, Price: $150
R, Inv.#2372, 1.75in.H x 4.25W x 3.5D, Price: $195

L, Inv.#2370, 4in.H x 6.5W x 6.5D, Price: $495
R, Inv.#2369, 3.75in.H x 4.25W x 4.25D, Price: $295

L, Inv.#2382, 3.25in.H x 8.5W x 4.5D, Price: $395
C, Inv.#2381, 2.5in.H x 6.75W x 4.75D, Price: $450
R, Inv.#1120, 3.5in.H x 4.25W x 4.25D, Price: $350

Inv.#2384, 2.95in.H x 5.75W x 3.75D, Price: $595

L, Inv.#1472, 3.75in.H x 6.25W x 4.5D, Price: $395

L, Inv.#2378, 4in.H x 5D, Price: $350
C, Inv.#2380, 5.5in.H x 4.75D, Price: $395
R, Inv.#2379, 3.75in.H x 4.75D, Price: $450

L, Inv.#2376, 3.25in.H x 4.5D, Price: $195
C, Inv.#2360, 6in.H x 4.5D, Price: $450
R, Inv.#2377, 5in.H x 4D, Price: $295

Inv.#2387, 9.75in.H x 9.75in.W x 1D, Price: $395

Inv.#2385, 13.5in.H x 10.25W x 1.25D, Price: $395

Inv.#2386, 13.5in.H x 10.5W x 1.25D, Price: $395

Inv.#2388, 13.75in.H x 10.5W x 1D, Price: $395

Inv.#2389, 14in.H x 10.75W x 1D, Price: $395

Inv.#2390, 10.75in.H x 1.5D, Price: $195

Inv.#2391, 11in.H x 1.5D, Price: $195