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Christopher Maschinot: The Lonely Hunter

Sept 20 - Nov 4

For his first solo show at Culture Object, Christopher Maschinot presents a new series of large-scale figurative vessels on the classical themes of desire, sex and death. Forging a new path into the territory of mythological and archetypes, the artist’s lexicon of characters that has been present in his work for several years, has transformed from an assortment of enigmatic but isolated individuals, into symbolic cast members within a cohesive and evolving narrative.

Alternatively taking the form of either bust-shaped vessels or mask-like visages that emerge from a vessel, the artist makes it clear that his characters are symbolic by presenting them as graphical icons. Christopher’s storyline is populated by characters embodying the Hunter/Hunted dichotomy; each character is either or both. Animal horns on human heads, and armor-like skins are recurring metaphors. Additional symbolic forms with central roles include the phallus and the all-seeing and ever-seeking eye.

 The artist adds to his established style of graphical renderings made of concentric lines, complimenting it with new, dreamy, surrealist faces. His thickly applied and deeply scraped lines and elements provide a strong foundation for his new, softly sculpted forms. With his freshly expanded approach to rendering his icons and narratively driven cast and iconography, the artist enters a new period in his still youthful work.