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Transcendental Objects

Oct 5 - Nov 5, 2022




The word 'transcendental' expresses the ability of something to surpass others of its kind. Expanding upon the premise introduced in spring with "Transcendental Furniture", the new work in this exhibition furthers the project of respecting, yet exceeding, the function of the form, be it a table or a vessel. To this end, each artist employs their own unique strategy, sometimes it is process based - as with Elyse Graham, sometimes it is narrative in nature – as with Christopher Maschinot, and sometimes by engaging broadly with a historical cultural dialogue – as with Jian Yoo. Each artist's approach has the same net effect, resulting in objects that have the potential to draw their interlocutors into an intellectual engagement with the object.

- Damon Crain




Exhibiting Work By

Elyse Graham, USA (CA)
Jian Yoo, South Korea
Judit Just Antelo, Spain/USA (NC)
Kate Rohde, Australia
Keavy Murphree, USA (TN)
Neelam Padte, USA (NJ)/IN
Peeta Tinay, USA (CA)
Rachel David, USA (NC)

Christopher Maschinot, USA (NY)
Jonatan Nilsson, Sweden
Leckie Gassman, USA (NY)
Tim Kowalczyk, USA (IL)
Trey Jones, USA (VA)