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Design Lab 2022 at Bergdorf Goodman
Curated by Culture Object

January 11 - May 20, 2022



Craftsmanship is the bridge between art and design; skilled execution enables the materialization of conceptual evolution and technical innovation. We have been encouraged to think of these three fields as independent, thanks to the culture of specialization that was spawned by industrialization, but the wealth and sophistication that grew from industrialization’s success now fosters an environment where the three may merge anew. In this spirit, Design Lab 2022 presents a range of work demonstrating each of these fields, while the works selected from Culture Object’s gallery focus on the synergy of all three elements, a hallmark of the gallery’s program.

Culture Object proposes that materials, process, and technique are the building blocks used to make an idea real, and in doing so, they become the introduction to an object’s story. A skillful artist or designer may use these elements as a path to a more abstract narrative. The functional objects of our daily life touch us, literally and figurately; we sit on them, eat from them, put flowers in them. These objects compel us to engage with them by their form alone, and in doing so they command our attention and consideration, making them well suited as vehicles for ideas. In a bountiful society offering many chairs, bowls, and vases, we select based on a hierarchy of suitability; do they perform well, are they appealing, and what story do they tell us? An object that excels at all three has a powerful advantage. We invite you to see this principle in action in Design Lab 2022.

Location: 754 Fifth Avenue between 57th & 58th Streets
in the 7th floor exhibition loft, New York



Exhibiting Work By

Alex Zablocki, IL, USA
Bertrand Charlot, France
Carol Milne, WA, USA
Dirk Staschke, OR, USA
Elyse Graham, CA, USA
Ethan Stern, CA, USA
Frantiske Jungvirt, CZ
Gary Fernandez, NY, USA
Handmade Industrials, NL
Isaac Monte, NL
Janny Baek, NY USA
Jared Last, CA
Jeff Mack, NY, USA
Jose Sierra, NM, USA
Kate Rohde, AU
Kyle Johns, USA
Leckie Gassman, USA
Matt Repsher, NM, USA
Maxwell Mustardo, NJ, USA
Micke Johansson, SW
Nina Westman, SW
Peeta Tinay, CA, USA
Roan Florez, CA, USA
Sara Regal, SP
Studio Furthermore, UK
Tessa Silva, UK
UAU Project, PO