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Collect 2022
The leading international fair for contemporary craft and design.

February 23 - March 6, 2022




Now in its 18th year, Collect is a global authority for collectable craft and design, that brings together some of the world’s most influential players.

Focusing on living artists, the fair’s exhibiting galleries represent the most
exciting artists working today, from the emerging to the iconic.


Culture Object, Digital Exhibitor hosted on Artsy

Established by Damon Crain in New York City in 2012, Culture Object’s programme concentrates on pieces with compelling narratives that integrate conceptual and functional approaches. It champions skilled production, experimental processes and engagement with a historical dialogue through the lens of contemporary relevance.


Exhibiting Work By

Alex Zablocki, IL, USA
Avital Avital, IS
Carol Milne, WA, USA
Dirk Staschke, OR, USA
Elyse Graham, CA, USA
Handmade Industrials, NL
Janny Baek, NY USA
Jeffrey Loura, NY USA
Jian Yoo, SK
Jose Sierra, NM, USA
Kate Rohde, AU
Matt Repsher, NM, USA
Maxwell Mustardo, NJ, USA
Micke Johansson, SW
Morgan Persson, SW
Peeta Tinay, CA, USA
Simon Klenell, SW


Dirk Staschke


Peeta Tinay