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Jeffrey Loura: Balance

August 21 - November 10, 2020

Handmade Industrials Collective Design fair 2018

This exhibition is a gateway; it represents both a culmination and transition.

In this new body of work Jeffrey deepens his meditation on the push-and-pull of opposing forces while broadening the aesthetic lexicon with which he works.

In his iconic black-bodied vessels, Jeffrey’s signature style of totemic hemispherical compositions have now reached an apotheosis of well-proportioned elegance and sophisticated extravagance. The examples in this exhibition are the crowning culmination of years of development.

Simultaneously, Jeffrey has broken into new territory with vessels cloaked in color; golden yellow, indigo blue and gossamer white. Each of these new colors are represented in a garniture of three works in dialogue with each other. His final innovation is an expansion of the lexicon of forms with which he builds; arcs, cylinders, truncated cones, and protruding rods all make their appearance for the first time.

What remains unchanged is Jeffrey’s contemplation of the forces that move him, and each of us, through life. His vessels are talismans, evidence of victory in a battle against entropy, against death, against oppression.