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Forged, Formed and Fabricated Steel
By Rachel David, USA


Rachel David is one of the brightest stars in contemporary American metal work. Recently awarded a commission by the Smithsonian’s Renwick Museum, Rachel focuses on custom architectural installations (like gates and railing) and sculptural furniture. Her work leverages the contrast between bold linear forged elements and large-scale sheets of repoussee work.

Rachel’s work is always driven by an idea of who we are and who we can be; her message is invariably positive or hopeful. Having the will, strength, and skill to bend steel into marvelous and complex shapes, it is no wonder that her spirit comes across so clearly in each piece.

Custom commission for furniture and architectural work also available.



Pollinator Throne I & II, 2022
Forged formed and fabricated steel, patina, wax finish.
163cm.H x 77W x 56D / 64in.H x 30.25W x 22.D

Scales Mirror, 2023
Forged, formed and fabricated steel and stainless steel, brass,selenite, glass mirror.
125.5cm.H x 86W x 14D / 49.5in.H x 34W x 5.5D

Pollinator Table, 2022
Forged formed and fabricated steel and bronze.
82.5cm.H x 63W x 44D / 32.5in.H x 24.75W x 17.25D

Pollinator Bowl
Forged bronze
11.25in.H x 27.25W x 13.5D

Cloud Vases
Forged, formed and fabricated steel.

Flesh, Pressure and Soil Series
Forged formed and fabricated steel.
Janus Lamp 179cm.H x 109W x 35.5D / 70.5in.H x 43W x 14D

Flesh, Pressure and Soil Series, Round Mirror II
Forged formed and fabricated steel.
62cm.H x 59W x 15D / 24.5in.H x 23.25W x 6D