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Mother of Peal Lacquer Inlay
by Jian Yoo, South Korea


Second generation South Korean mother of pearl inlay artist Jian Yoo has dedicated her practice to updating the time-honored tradition. Jian's work expresses historical and contemporary motifs, on modernist forms, using sumptuous and elaborate inlay techniques. Her work is composed of two complimentary bodies, one made with re-worked historical inlay panels and one creating new, contemporary images, both applied to minimalist and modern furniture designs. Jian's work looks forward while simultaneously honoring its historical roots.

Jian maintains a small inventory of ready-to-ship unique works and also produces work in custom colors, sizes and with a range of pattern and image options




Superb Nature

Rose Gold Peacock I & II

GOT vases, yellow gold, full set
tallest 96cm / 37.75in

Grey GOT vases, titanium plated, full set
tallest 96cm / 37.75in

Moonlit 50