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6747 Tangerine

Architectural scale vase #6747 in Tangerine, designed by Joel Philip Myers in 1967, made for 1 year only.

This exceptionally rare vase is the only architectual scale design from the important 'controlled bubble' series by Joel Myers. The controlled bubble series (shown below) exemplifies Myers' abiding interest in exploring both internal decoration techniques. Indeed, it is this very impulse that propelled him onwards in the field of glass to become one of the founding fathers and masters of the Studio Glass Movement.

In this vase we have a dramatic design that is an ideal example of one of Myer's penchant for extenuated forms. The graceful droplet form of the body beautifully demonstrates his interest in simple, natural and organic forms.

Measures 26 inches tall x 7.25 inches diameter.


Controlled Bubble