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Hand built and glazed ceramic
25.5 inches tall, 10 inches diameter


Embracing abstraction from Baroque to Disney, Fantasia evokes equally a gurgling fountain and a bountiful vase of flowers, rooted in the tradition of Baroque porcelain.

Meissen Meissen
Meissen Manufactory, 1735
Hard-paste porcelain, 15.75" h
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Meissen Manufactory, 1745
Hard-paste porcelain, 20.5" h
Victoria and Albert Museum

Originating in China, porcelain was one of the most valuable Chinese exports to Europe until the formula was recreated in Meissen, Germany in 1710 during the Baroque period. The material was well suited to creating the delicate and elaborate sculptural forms of the period, and with its pale white composition was also ideal for the application of exquisite colors and gilding. Fantasia recalls not only delicately colored, flowing Baroque forms encrusted with flowers, but also the historic urn-like Chinese vessels from which it originated.

Maxfield Parrish

While Baroque in its details, the bold, elongated styling betrays a debt to the neoclassical fantasies of Maxfield Parrish, arguably the most popularly acclaimed artists of the early 20th Century. Classical urns resplendent with flowing masses of foliage often appear in his dramatic landscapes (above, Sunrise, 1931). The plot thickens as the artist's surrealistic and cartoonish handling of the subject matter recalls Walt Disney, whose work owed a debt gratitude to Parrish as well.

Confidently cartoonish, Fantasia captures the spirit of its namesake Disney masterpiece Fantasia as well as in the blobby graphic wonderlands of Dr. Seuss. The imagery of both Seuss and Disney permeate contemporary North American culture and form an aesthetic touchstone for to any child of the late twentieth century.

Doctor Seuss

The familiar and the historic, the sentimental and the technical, Julie Moon seamlessly incorporates them all in Fantasia, resulting in a fantastical and beautiful sculpture rendered and modelled with fresh relevance and beauty.